Tuesday, March 24, 2009

My Bucket List

Well Charity and Sandra have made a bucket list so I decided to go on a post mine.
1) I want to visit every continent with the exception of Antartica.
2) I want to sky dive and scuba dive. I think it would be amazing to see my planet from up on high to seeing it below the see.
3) I want to be married in the temple and be a mom. I really do have a strong desire to have a family.
4) I would love to ride in a Corvette Convertible with the top down on a sunny day.
5) I want to make a difference in the world...I haven't figured out how I will do this one yet.
6) I want to dance with someone I love in the rain. If I'm lucky maybe I'll get to kiss them too!
7) I think it would be fun to do a picture where you just splatter paint on a canvas or pop paint filled balloons with darts.
8) I want to "play" with some exotic animal rather it be monkey, tiger, or a bear.
9) Visit the Eiffel Tower.
10) Learn how to make homemade flaky croissants.
11) Sleep in a hammock on a perfectly sunny day.
12) See a TN Vols home game. I want to get there mid week and enjoy all the festivities.
13) I know this sounds really lame but I'd really like to start doing some genealogy.
14) Have a home of my very own. Preferably a cabin in the mountains.
15) Learn how to not be so self conscience.
16) Plant a garden.
17) Make sure the people I love know that they are loved by me!
18) Go on a Disney Cruise.
19) Stay at a Bed and Breakfast.


Sandra said...

Those are great. I need to get on my geneology and I need to garden. Great list.

Renee and Jake said...

I attempted to plant a garden and have now killed it twice but I am trying again. I bet you will accomplish most of them, not sure all the continents is possible though.

Boo Monster Becky said...

Why not every continent. There are only 7 and I excluded one so that goal is only 6 plane tickets away:)

Michael and Amy said...

Sounds like fun, i should make one.