Tuesday, September 23, 2008


So last spring Sandra got a build a bear. I absolutely love him to death. To be honest I sleep with him every night and he is my cuddle buddy. His name is Soldier. Soldier has puppy underwear, pajamas (cat in the hat boxers), beach attire (including sunglasses), a flag, shoes, and a tux. Today I decided to change his clothes into a tux that Renee bought for him over the summer. I put on the sunglasses with the tux and thought that he looked pretty handsome so I took some pictures. Sandra, Charity, Ginny, and Aubree also have a build a bear too. All of our bears have different outfits and accessories and we have each given our bears very distinct personalities. I think Sandra and I have the only boy bears. Charity's, Ginny's, and Aubree's are all girls. If you are wondering my Solider is way more handsome that Sandra's! Anyways here is a pic of him in his tux. (Renee', you can tell Ginny that he is ready to take Dorothy out!)


Sandra said...

Mine totally has on his tux right now too. He has the white tie. That's funny.

Renee and Jake said...

Way to blog about a toy, Ginny loved it and said Dorothy will get a new dress